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About Us

Jawaher Education is an online tutoring and advising organization that aims to provide accessible and effective education to all students at any age.  Jawaher Education utilizes cutting-edge AI technology and the latest research in cognitive and learning science to tutor in a range of subjects across different grade levels. This method of tutoring bridges research to practice by ultimately allowing students to consolidate and retain their learning. By adhering to this, Jawaher Education ensures that learning sticks.
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Teacher and Student

Our Vision

To be able to reach students across the country and the world by providing accessible support and quality teaching that makes every student successful.

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Our Mission

Through our online tutoring program, Jawaher Education will provide quality accessible education grounded in AI technology and the latest research on how the brain works.

Online Studies

Using Latest Technology in AI

By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, virtual tutors can support students reach their potential by offering them with personalized lessons that cater to each students' learning style. Combined with human intelligence and with the supervision of academic tutors, AI tutors can provide students and individuals with the learning they need.


  • Personalized lessons

  • Unique quizzes

  • Assessment of learning 

  • Adherence to how the brain works

Grounded in the Learning Sciences

We focus on the learning sciences by aligning our teaching to research on how the brain learns. Jawaher Education targets the three main aspects of learning:

1) Encoding (turning information into long-term memory)

2) Consolidation (maintaining information)

3) Retrieval (accessing information when needed)

Strategies used (adapted from Make It Stick):

  • Linking new learning to prior knowledge

  • Retrieval practice 

  • Spaced practice

  • Interleaving

  • Varied styles of learning

  • Converting perception to meaningful representations

By gearing our lessons through these strategies, Jawaher Education aims to create an effective tutoring environment for all.

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Adapted from: Make It Stick

Meet the Team!

Eman Aldajah

President & CEO

Eman Aldajah is the President and CEO of Jawaher Education. As an American University student in Dubai, Eman aspires to share accessible education with students worldwide. Eman is interested in how mental factors affect learning and how to elevate the latest research to improve student learning and application.

Dr. Hiea Mizyed

Educational Consultant

Dr. Hiea Mizyed is a consultant at Jawaher Education. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a specialization in Mind, Brain, and Teaching.  Currently, she works as a Lecturer for Education at the Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE. To learn more about Dr. Mizyed's work, please visit her website .

Sunet Labuschangné

Academic Tutor

Sunet Labuschagné is a primary and elementary teacher. Having graduated from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg with distinction, Sunet is committed to lifelong learning.

Working with young children, Sunet believes in the importance of play and independent choice. Sunet received a score of 8 on her IELTS and is certified as teaching English as a second language. In her free time, Sunet loves to Crochet and Offroad in the UAE dunes and camp.

Grace Iskandar Academic Tutor

Grace Iskandar

Academic Tutor

Grace Iskandar is an educational professional and a curriculum specialist with more than fifteen years of experience in the field of education in the United Arab Emirates. She has a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Saint Xavier University in Chicago. Grace has worked as an English teacher for more than twelve years with experience facilitating student-centered lessons and professional development in 21st century best practices. She has also served as a Curriculum Coordinator and Head of Secondary for more than three years. 

Grace is passionately committed to the holistic development of children and young people guided by the belief that every child has the potential to learn.

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Rami Ghoussainy

IELTS Academic Tutor 

Rami Ghoussainy is an English Language instructor with over 13 years of experience. His aim as a tutor is to provide learners with exceptional IELTS exam preparations that are tailored to meet each student's unique needs. During the courses, Rami will be providing detailed and actionable feedback to help the learners develop their language skills. His extensive experience in teaching and his in- depth knowledge of IELTS exam format, scoring criteria, and test- taking strategies will make all the difference for the learners who are looking to move forward in their academic careers.

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